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Our Mission

UP UP is a gaming market research and predictive analytics partner that aims to strengthen the connection between creators, marketers and audiences, by leveraging state of the art technology and agile data consolidation.

Our Approach

We believe in personal collaboration; driving your research projects, or consulting on your internal research and data work streams, as if they were our own babies.

UP UP anchors its approach in big data and modern analytics methods, to provide a scientific quantified solution to all your games to audiences matching and optimization questions.

Our Name

UP UP is a reference to the famous cheat code from the '90s that allowed you to access advanced perks like infinite health, unlimited ammo or skip tedious levels altogether.

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Our products and services

UP UP runs research and analytical projects, designs research programs, frameworks and systems;

or supports and consults on any of those that you run internally.

Leading market research and gaming companies are using systems and methods that our team has designed.

We can design similar solutions, adjusted to your specific scale and needs.

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UP UP generates value where and how you need it.

End to end gamer research, or bridging your organisational gaps in terms of data acquisition, analytics, frameworks and reporting.

Manage or relaunch IP, optimize eco-system, find audiences, update revenue business model, design analytical frameworks, integrate data streams... we've done it all. 

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Our Experience

Your UP UP team has decades of experience conducting global and local market research projects for the Gaming industry (and Entertainment, Tech, Electronics, Licensing...)

Tap into our unique expertise, servicing the world's most famous gaming companies, as well as developing leading market research agencies' services and analytical frameworks.

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Our Leadership Team


Founder & CEO

UP UP Stephane Elshocht

With 20+ years of professional experience, and 40 as a gamer, Stephane knows the industry inside and out.

He has consulted on innumerable industry tentpoles; like many major console hardware releases, huge  gaming franchises, historical MMOs, and more Indie and new IPs than you can count.

He has developped internal insights programs and frameworks across large and small actors of the industry, from brand tracking, sales planning, and advanced pricing models to publisher rebranding, licensing programs and audience/IP management.

Stephane is an eclectic gamer, enjoying all sorts of unique experiences; from the most hardcore to the most casual, from classics to latest. Besides gaming, he loves football and taking care of his chickens.



Co-Founder & Analytics Lead

With 6+ years of bespoke research experience in IP management, Candice is an entertainment expert with comprehensive knowledge of the gaming, movies/TV & music industries, and how these interact across audiences. 

She has worked on IP strategy at major entertainment studios like Warner Bros as they launched crossmedia content for their main franchises. 

She has supported top gaming industry players in her years at Nielsen Games, designing actionable frameworks and leading research projects to help her clients maximize ROI & optimize their strategies.

Candice is passionate about gaming experiences, especially open-worlds, VR and sports. Besides exploring the latest games’ maps, she loves hiking across the globe to discover new places! 



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Access UP UP's network of gaming industry partners for some of the most up-to-date tools, data streams and experts available.

Sparkers Up Up

Global Sales and Streaming Data

Sparkers' next generation platform collects, processes and reports both video games sales and streaming data (viewership, engagement and live events) across the globe.


Gaming Talent Ecosystem

PROJECT 369 is a talent network that provides specialist video games marketing strategy, insight, analysis, tech and services to publishers and studios.


UP UP industry partners
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Amazon Games, System 1, Nielsen

Stephane is a long time colleague, so I am admittedly biased (...) Stephane’s analytical and consultative abilities are unparalleled. Combine this with his industry passion and energy and you have the makings of a perfect partner. Stephane and UP UP are endorsed without reservation.


Global Brand & Marketing, Razer

(...) as part of the Nielsen team [Stephane] helped us on some of the most complex research and analytics projects. I was very impressed (...) Stephane was detail oriented, had a vast knowledge of the gaming industry, providing insights that were critical (...) He was a great partner in the team and I would happily recommend working with him (...)


Marketing Director, Sharkmob

I have worked with Stephane on projects since 2018 and the results have always been very satisfying. I am looking forward to more years of great proven work.


Sr. Strategy Manager PS USA Marketing

Stephane has an incisive approach to data analysis and is able to balance the hard factual data against the judgement based assessments of marketing plans and future scenario planning. (...) he always brought his unique market perspective and helped focus (...) on actionable outcomes. I am looking forward to working with him again (...).


Netease, Ubisoft, Nielsen

In such a fast-paced industry, Stephane has a unique ability to devise innovative research tools to solve emerging business topics. His deep knowledge of the game industry, combined with his research expertise make for trusted and actionable recommendations on game consumers.


Deloitte, Nielsen, NPD, EB Games

I had the pleasure of working for Stephane during our time at Nielsen. He was (...) an essential member of our team. He is extremely knowledgeable and was a true asset to every project.

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