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UP UP addresses all gaming audiences, IP and marketing business questions, with the appropriate tools and scale.

  • Our versatile toolkit adapts to your specific needs and standards.

  • We translate data into insights thanks to our analytical frameworks and methods.

  • Our predictive modeling optimizes decison making through ROI and scenario analysis.
  • We find the right scale and scope to fit your needs; full project, partial support or consulting.

  • We find the appropriate data for your need whether you own it or we need to source it.

  • We help at all lifecycle stages from game inception, to launch, and ongoing.


Gamer & IP Research


Usage & Attitudes

UP UP Usage & Attitudes

Learn everything about your prospective audiences

How to reach them

What they play and watch

Their social and spending habits

What drives them; experiences, emotions and features


Audience Profiling

UP UP Audience Profiling

Assess and prioritize,

fans and potential audiences

Who to target

What is the potential

Who are they

IPs & genres they engage with

Experiences, emotions and features



Concept & Asset Testing

UP UP Concept & Asset Testing

Identify winning ideas, assess potential and market readiness

Standardize qualification &

holistic evaluation process

Understand game potential,

drivers and IP fit

Identify all potential audiences


Positioning Optimization

UP UP Positioning Optimization

Manage opportunities and threats, unlock full potential

Maximize positioning appeal and communication reach,

balancing diverse audiences, competitive strengths and weaknesses,

initiative drivers and IP equity


IP Management

UP UP IP Management

Expand your audience without diluting your IP equity

Welcome new gamers to your franchise while attending to your most dedicated fans

Objectivize the process

Maximize fair IP reach

Leave no unrealized potential

Brand Tracking

UP UP Brand Tracking

Remain top of mind and clarify your brand investment ROI

Link brand KPIs to volumetrics

Unravel brand health drivers

Take advantage of brand eco-system 

Optimize brand tactics to drive adoption and retention

Analytics & Modeling


UP UP Advanced Analytics

Simplify complex questions by leveraging expert frameworks, filtering noise from insight and focusing on the impactful levers

We seemlessly integrate our proven analytics to untangle convoluted questions

  • Brand, game and audience drivers
  • Fragmented and diverse audiences reach optimization
  • Eco system dynamics and brand/product interactions
  • Complex business and monetization models
  • Holistic assessment and data/insight integration


UP UP Predictive Modeling

Quantify scenarios and objectivize your decision making process

Predictive modeling is more about optimization and scenario planning than pure accuracy. But it helps that we have built some of the industry's most precise models

  • Revenue and profitablility modeling
  • Adoption trends and habits evolution
  • Brand strategy impact on equity and sales potential
  • Features/experiences mix optimization



We consult on your existing projects, take on missions, and provide assistance to your teams

  • Data interpretation, narrative development, actionability

  • Senior reviewing, C-suite meeting preparation

  • Strategic Insights (IP, audiences, sales drivers etc)

  • Research program design

  • Data modeling, predictive analytics
UP UP Projects & Missions


UP UP Analytics & Frameworks

We consult on building your data systems and insights frameworks

  • Systematic approaches, normalization, benchmarking

  • Optimized design and frameworks

  • Holistic assessment and data integration

  • Insight and action generation

  • Predictive modeling

  • Eco-system modeling