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Introducing TRAILR

AI-powered deep listening tool that transforms viewer comments into insights on trailer performance & drivers and limiters of gamer engagement

in real time, in competitive context, predictive of launch success

TRAILR is the next gen path to gamer insights

Much faster and far more efficient than traditional quantitative research

broader and richer than focus groups

while retaining the typical insights and benefits from each methods

In addition, it brings unique & exclusive benefits:

  • Quantified insights
  • Performance prediction
  • Granular optimization
  • Specific actionability
  • Full competitive coverage
  • True impact on success
  • Real time
  • Authentic - no test bias
  • Custom & retrospective analysis

How it works

From online trailer comments

to solid quantitative insights

Unstructured Gamer Feedback

TRAILR Exclusive Next Gen Processing Technology

Data Qualification

Data Qualification

We only use vetted data sources, and comb through thousands of comments to clean out spam and other irrelevant data - only commentary about the trailer and the game it represents are pulled in



Unique AI-powered model transforms each comment into single-thought units for analysis that use the same language style while keeping the original emotional load



Sarcasm Check

Model detects sarcasm and transforms the comment to reflect a straight message - this ensures it can be properly interpreted at the later stages of the analysis

Comment Sorting

Comment Sorting

Machine-learning model assigns each comment to predefined dimensions within a robust analytical framework with multiple layers of analysis - KPIs, diagnostics, emotions

Context Injection©

Context Injection© 

AI-powered model assigns context to each comment (IP, franchise, game, studio, platform) to enable a proper interpretation of its semantic core and all references within it

Sentiment Assignment

Sentiment Assignment

AI model teases out the sentiment behind each statement within a comment - sentiment types vary by metric to ensure performance is measured in a meaningful way

Structured & Quantified Insights


“bro i am stacked for feb i have dl2 and hfw iam sooooooo happppy bth whos the new girl she looking high tech my guy”

I am excited because I have two games, Dying Light 2 and Horizon Forbidden West, coming out in February.

I am happy about this.

I am curious about the new girl character in Horizon Forbidden West.

I think she looks high-tech.

I am wondering who she is.


Predictive KPIs

Benchmarked against competition

Detailed trailer assessment

Competitive performance on key game assets and trailer elements

Drivers & limiters

Granular sentiment analysis

Action focused insights

Channel optimization

Trailer performance per channel

And much more...

Key Performance Indicators

  • Committed interest

  • General interest

  • Liking

  • Advocacy

  • Uniqueness

  • Value

  • Fit with expectations

  • Communication


  • Audio
  • Awards & recognition
  • Characters

  • Gameplay
  • Game world
  • Graphics & performance
  • Ip & tone
  • Launch Date
  • Lore
  • Platform(s)
  • Post-launch care
  • Production value
  • Studio
  • Trailer general